“The Americans” & “The Taste” TV is getting better!

I must say that I am very much enjoying “The Americans”, set moments after Regan was sworn into office, the series follows two of the KGB’s top spies, who established a front as a happily married American couple with kids. Together they must perform a delicate balancing act between carrying out their orders with a select group of field Russian field agents and being there for their pre-teen children. All while America increases it’s efforts of finding Russian spies that have infiltrated the borders.

The casting and acting is top notch and while it usually takes me an average of 5 episodes to get on-board with a series, I was hooked on episode 2. Or episode 1, since I normally do not count “pilots” as a standard episode, due to possible changes in cast, script, concepts, etc… I’m very impressed with how this series is shaping up…

“The Taste” is heating up and I’ve already learned quite a few tips to improve my own cooking ability… Good stuff!…


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