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What Would You Do If You Won The World’s Biggest Lottery?


I didn’t think I’d win. I mean, who really does? Definitely not me. I’m just an insecure 20 something American geek who collects movie posters, and quotes obscure movies. I wasn’t designed to instantly become mega rich or handle the attention that came with it.

So, my cousin, a police captain, said to lie low in Europe. I go to London, try to remain incognito (but know I’m failing), and meet an amazing girl, Ana. Faced with the superhero dilemma of; do I impress her by sharing my life-changing secret? Nah, that wouldn’t impress her. I didn’t even tell the Hollywood actor I met.

But my lottery secret leaks, and I’m hunted by people who don’t want to congratulate me.

That’s when things get seriously crazy. I’d love to tell you the about it. ‘Cause I think it will change you, like it changed me.