I Didn’t Mean to Win the Lottery
Geeky Thriller Book 2

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Chapters 1 – 4:


What Would You Do If You Won The World’s Biggest Lottery?

I didn’t think I’d win. I mean, who really does? Definitely not me. I’m just an insecure 20 something American geek who collects movie posters, and quotes obscure movies. I wasn’t designed to instantly become mega rich or handle the attention that came with it.


So, my cousin, a police captain, said to lie low in Europe. I go to London, try to remain incognito (but know I’m failing), and meet an amazing girl, Ana. Faced with the superhero dilemma of; do I impress her by sharing my life-changing secret? Nah, that wouldn’t impress her. I didn’t even tell the Hollywood actor I met.


But my lottery secret leaks, and I’m hunted by people who don’t want to congratulate me.


That’s when things get seriously crazy. I’d love to tell you the about it. ‘Cause I think it will change you, like it changed me.

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(Posted – 5/20/2021)

Chapter 4

The rising sun beamed through Geneva’s International Airport’s glass wall. Ink pooled in spots of the Swiss customs stamp as it dried in my passport.

My first passport stamp. Was she supposed to stamp the first page instead of the middle…

“Sir. You must move, now.” The French accented customs officer gestured toward her side like a model revealing a grand prize. Her blonde hair graced a dangling calico scarf that obscured her name tag, while her blue eyes matched her uniform.

(Posted – 5/20/2021)

Chapter 3

“Dear?” Mom’s voice blasted through the phone.

“Yes, mom I said I’m fine.” I moved the phone to my other ear, and tried speaking over the police car’s siren. “Gavin’s taking me to the airport, I’ll send you postcards so you know I’m safe.”

Gavin leaned towards me. “Hi aunty.”

“You listen to your cousin Gavin.”

“I will mom, he said not to tell anyone where we’re going but I have to go. I love you mom, give my love to dad and the others.”

“Okay, we love you sweetie bye.”

“Bye.” I hung up to enjoy the ride, but the siren stopped as we passed the airport’s welcome sign.

(Posted – 5/20/2021)

Chapter 2

I’ve always wanted a DeLorean. How much would it be to fund time travel? I’m too distracted, I’ll get home and have someone take me to the bank.

Stopped cars filled my street while people overflowed the sidewalks.

Is there a street party?

My sixth-floor apartment’s open blinds displayed my cactus Clyde, but someone was in moving around in my apartment.

“There he is.” My landlord yelled from the sidewalk.

The city block of couriers, reporters, businesspeople, and half naked women holding signs proposing marriage faced me, swarmed my Mustang.

(Posted – 5/20/2021)

Prologue & Chapter 1

Returning from the bathroom, she was greeted by his snoring. The inhuman sound urged her to take more sleeping pills or anti-depressants, but she forgot how many she already took. Approaching the bed, she stepped around the dresses, designer handbags, and empty champagne bottles littering the hotel room floor. He was trying to buy her affection, and she hated it. He never asked what she wanted because he knew it wasn’t him.

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