Kamuela Kaneshiro (Kamu for short) attended magic school, and became a Magician Member of the Magic Castle.

He’s a part Asian Native Hawaiian who was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Who spent decades working in the film & television industry, and has thrilled audiences around the world with his independent projects.

He was a professional Comic-Con panelist, and wrote an MA thesis about Batman.

Kamu started podcasting in 2004 with “Off the Air’s: Geek Nation”. His current podcast “Legends from the Pacific” combines his passion for mythology, writing, and production.

He often wonders:

– How many people know what Rosebud is?

– What is the current technology level of that galaxy far, far away?
– Why accomplished magicians should be treated on the same level as professional ballet performers, or classical musicians.
– How The Count of Monte Cristo was the first Batman story.
– Which Discworld book people would like?

– And why is a raven like a writing desk? He suspects the answer is 42, or Nevermore.